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A Quick Guide to HIPAA Training. HIPAA, also known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a legislation in the United States. Its main aim is to provide security provisions and data privacy for safeguarding any medical information. The act has become well known lately due to many cases of breach of patient information that arises from cyberattacks to providers and health insurers. The Act was signed into law in the year 1996 and it contains five sections, also known as titles. The first title, referred as the Health Insurance Reform is meant to protect health insurance covers for individuals that change or lose their jobs. The Health Insurance Reform title denies group health plans the ability to reject insurance coverage to people with certain illnesses as well as pre-existing conditions. The second Title of the Act deals with Administration Simplification. It simply directs the department of Health and Human Services to create national ethics for processing any healthcare electronic transactions. The title also requires the organizations to implement safe electronic access to health data as remain in agreement with privacy regulations.
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Title number three of the Act deals with any Tax Related Health Provisions. The provisions on health are basically the steps on how to solve any issues related with tax for medical care purposes to individuals. Title four of the Act is all about the Enforcement and Application of Group Health Plan Requirements. The title further helps in defining the improvements in health Insurance like the requirements for persons with pre-existing conditions including those that seek continued medical coverage.
Lessons Learned About Training
The fifth title deals with Revenue Offsets. Such are the provisions on life insurance policies that are company owned including the treatment of people who have lost their U.S. citizenship as a result of income tax purposes. All these titles are very useful for individual protection in case of any issues that may face them and they are affected in any way. The Acts main purpose is to facilitate continuous growth in health insurance coverage for people that have experienced a job change or loss plus any administrative burdens and healthcare costs. The HIPAA Act assists in fighting any fraudulent cases, any abuse or waste in health insurance and finally in healthcare delivery. Companies and organizations should train their workers on this act. Such act will help people in understanding how to go about certain occurrences. People will also be keen to understand how such an Act can help them in cases of losses. Training will also raise awareness of any potential risks a patient may face. Staff members will be able to keep their patient’s records safe. This kind of training also reinforces initiatives to develop a culture for patient safety. Satisfaction can be seen from both patients and their families if their information is well kept. It is therefore wise for companies to make it a high priority for their staff to undertake such training.

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